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Love Abounds

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We see a world where all people are smiling. The people in communities we serve hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

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Our Mission

Love Abounds and Dutch Bros are both about people first. Dutch Bros has established Love Abounds to actively engage its communities through giving and action. Love Abounds supports programs and projects that build deeper connections through engagement in Four Core Areas.


There is nothing more important than our young people. We are a resource for programs and projects that impact their day-to-day lives. We want to provide positive opportunities in all areas: health, education and social development.


Music is core to the day-to-day world of Dutch Bros. Love Abounds supports development and maintenance of music programs that are broadly accessible such as: events that bring the community together, music based fundraising events, music education, and experiential opportunities for children.


The overall health of our communities is paramount. Love Abounds supports programs, projects and outlets that provide opportunities for exercise, mental health, research, family support services, and emergency needs.


The company is rooted in the places we grow our beans. The overall quality of life of those growing, harvesting and living around the farms from whom we purchase beans is extremely important to us and we will invest in their education, health, future, and overall well-being.

Current Projects

Dutch Luv Day

Every year, on Valentine's day, Dutch Bros gives back. All locations donate $1 from every drink sold to local food organization. On average, a $1 provides 3 healthy and nutritious meals.

El Salvador

Our Love Abounds team went down to El Salvador to meet with Dutch Bros’ coffee producers. The team visited our coffee farms, local schools and nonprofit organizations to understand how Love Abounds can begin to engage and have a positive impact.

Drink One for Dane

In 2005, Dutch Bros Co-founder Dane Boersma was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS. Dutch Bros rallied around him and started Drink One for Dane in 2007. The day became a way to celebrate Dane’s inspiration, love and passion for music, a compelling future for all and good vibes.

Dane passed away in late 2009, but he left behind a legacy which, to this day, the company bases its daily decisions. His memory continues to inspire everyone at Dutch Bros. Inspiration to give it their all, love every person they encounter and do more for others than for themselves.

Dutch Bros’ annual Drink One for Dane event falls on a Friday each May. On this day all Dutch Bros locations donate proceeds to an organization that is leading the search to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease, better known as ALS.

To date, Dutch Bros has donated several million dollars to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and its mission to find a cause and cure for ALS, while supporting local families facing the reality of this disease.

ALS affects the parts of the nervous system that control voluntary muscle movement. There is currently no known cure for ALS. Once diagnosed with this disease most people, on average, die within three-to-five years.


Buck for Kids

On September 29, National Coffee Day, all Dutch Bros Coffee locations participate in a company-wide event known Buck for Kids. All locations donate at least a “buck” per drink from the day to local youth programs selected by each franchisee.

“Kids are awesome. They are our present and future,” says Dutch Bros Co-founder Travis Boersma, a father of four himself. “We recognize that there are so many amazing organizations that help kids, each in a special way. We want to support them as they strive to help kids enjoy each day, whether it be through coats, toys, school supplies, or programs that help them grow and learn.”


Dutch Luv

Each Valentine’s Day, Dutch Bros Coffee participates in Dutch Luv Day. All Dutch Bros locations partner with their communities and customers to raise funds and awareness for local food organizations. On this day, all locations donate $1 from every drink sold to local food banks to continue to fight hunger in our communities. On average, a $1 provides 3 healthy and nutritious meals.

All Dutch Bros locations are locally owned and operated. This enables each franchisee to identify a food bank or organization that provide meals to local community members in need.

In 2018 alone, Dutch Bros Love Abounds Foundation was able to donate $310,273.11 to local food organizations.