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Dutch Bros Spokane inducted into Inlander's Hall of Fame

14 years ago, Kevin and Kerry Parker sold almost everything they owned, left a town and home they loved and took a chance on a little known drive-thru coffee company – Dutch Bros.

It was a leap of faith in many ways, particularly because their first shop initially lost money. However, the Parkers weren’t deterred.

“For us, it was about being a safe and positive place for people,” said Kevin. “We knew if we focused on giving back to our community and taking care of everyone who came through the stands, including our employees, the business would eventually take care of itself.”

Their determination  and commitment to their community paid off. In addition to being voted Spokane’s best drive-thru espresso ten times, Dutch Bros Coffee also has the honor of being added to Inlander’s ‘Best Of’ Hall of Fame and is opening its tenth location in Spokane later this year.