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Dutch Bros Rocklin Raises Funds for Local Teen in Need of Kidney Transplant

November 15, 2017

Dutch Bros Rocklin Raises Funds for Local Teen in Need of Kidney Transplant

ROCKLIN, Calif. (Nov. 15 2017) – On Sunday, Nov. 19, Dutch Bros Rocklin will donate proceeds from each drink sold to Emily Cook, a local teen in need of a kidney transplant.

Emily is a 14 year old Rocklin native that has battled Juvenile Idiopathic Polyarticular Arthritis for more than half of her life. Four years ago, in the summer of 2013, Emily developed Wegener’s Disease, an autoimmune disease that causes her immune cells to attack blood vessels, resulting in inflammation. By the time her disease was caught, she had lost more than half of her kidney function.

During the time of Emily’s diagnosis, her mother Janice was diagnosed with cancer. Despite battling cancer, Janice’s sole concern is her daughter’s health. Both of Emily’s parents are school teachers in Rocklin; however, Janice has had to take time off to focus on her health and Emily’s father, Jim, needs to stay home to take care of Emily and Janice.

“The community of Rocklin has asked us to support the beloved Cook family.  We will be raising money for their 14 year old daughter, Emily, for her medical expenses,” said Jeremy Mauel, owner of Dutch Bros Rocklin. We want to show the Cook family that Rocklin loves and supports them!  We want to bring this special family some hope during this difficult time.”

Dutch Bros Rocklin, located at 3450 Sunset Blvd., will donate proceeds from each drink sold on Sunday Nov. 19 to Emily Cook. Funds directly offset medical expenses, as Emily continues to battle her disease and seek out a kidney transplant. The Cook family is expecting the cost of her kidney transplant to exceed their medical coverage. They are hoping to raise the money by the time her transplant becomes available and she is able to schedule a surgery.