Dutch Bros Raises the Roof for the St. Vincent Organization

WENATCHEE, Wash. (Dec. 14, 2016) – On Friday, Dec. 16, Dutch Bros Wenatchee will “Raise the Roof” to donate proceeds from the day’s sales to support the St. Vincent De Paul organization.


St. Vincent De Paul is a local organization dedicated to supporting the community by providing rent, utilities, emergency housing, and utility support to the financially hurting.


“St. Vincent De Paul is dedicated to serving the financially hurting in our community,”  said local owners, Danielle and Jimmy Crocker. “One way that takes a great deal of funds is emergency housing and utility costs for those barely able to make ends meet.“ 


On Friday, Dutch Bros Wenatchee will partner with their community to raise funds for the organization as they provide emergency housing and financial support.


“We are so grateful that we’ve been given the ability to give back to our community, and create an opportunity for all to help serve in need,” said Danielle and Jimmy Crocker. “Together we can truly make a difference.”



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