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Dutch Bros. Coffee Franchising -  is available to existing franchisees and employees only

Since 1992 Dutch Bros. Coffee has been expanding with two simple growth goals; meet our customer’s need for convenience and offer more opportunities for employees. We believe the best way to serve our customers is to grow with employees and franchisees that excel at our culture and operations. With that in mind, currently we are offering franchise opportunities to existing franchisees and employees only.

  • If you are a current Dutch Bros. employee, please see the information below.
  • If you DO NOT currently have employment history but would like to apply for a position at Dutch Bros. Coffee, you can find the application form under the “Job Opportunities” section of the Contact Us page or follow the link for job opportunities at the bottom of this page.
  • If you are not interested in working at a Dutch Bros. outlet, franchising is not an option at this time. However, if you have the resources to invest in a Dutch Bros. project, you may want to explore developing a new project for an existing franchisee.  If you would like to discuss developing a new outlet for an existing franchisee please click “ I am not a Current Employee” below.

Dutch Bros. Employee Info

Dutch Bros. is excited to offer growth opportunities to employees that have achieved at least 3 years of DB employment and 1 year of management. Please view the requirements by clicking “I am a Current Employee” below. 

Franchising Questions

If you have questions regarding Dutch Bros. franchising, please click the link below that applies to you:

I am a Current Employee

I am not a Current Employee

Note: This page is intended for
franchising only questions. For Job Opportunities, click here.